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Contemporary Style with All Ages worship section. 

Children attend the Contemporary 9.30am Worship Service, the All Ages first part of the service so parents and children can worship together.

Then they go out with their teachers in their groups to the Children's Church wing:

- Newborns: in an attractive cry-room with good visual contact for family in worship
- Creche: from 'potty trained' to 'Pre-School ready'
- Pre-School / Grades 0-1 / Grades 2-3 / Grades 4-6

The teachers give their lessons in our seven group rooms, backed by our part-time employed facilitator and other teachers/volunteers.

- High School/Youth go to our Youth Centre.
Please click on "Youth" on the Menu.

Our Facilitator Contact again:
Tel: Colleen 082 348-9649

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